Autumn fruits

In order to meet Autumn with the 2nd grade students, activities were carried out with the aim of familiarizing the students with the basic characteristics of this season. We started the adventure in the park of our school while observing the nature around us and noticing what changes in nature Autumn brings us. The students collected the autumn fruits they found: leaves, nuts, cones, tree bark, berries. When we returned to the classroom, they were introduced to autumn fruits from the garden and understood the Autumn charms of the song “Thank you” by J. J. Zmaj. We had fun creating our favorite fall fruits and vegetables using 3D pens and then collecting them by successfully programming the Pro-Bot robot. Special emphasis is placed on correlation with the Cambridge English and Science, where students were discussing the change of seasons and had the workshop where they created special Autumn wreaths, which we hung on the door.

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