If Cinderella had Spike…

Integrating the content of the Cinderella story with the Robotics lesson, the 4th grade students considered how using the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ could help the main character of the story with household chores. According to the instructions available in the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App, students constructed a model of the Clean up robot and created code to test the functionality of the robotic elements in handling objects of different sizes and masses. They were especially pleased with the activity of practical verification of the designed code. In the continuation of the project, critical points were identified in the partially constructed SPIKE™ Prime CNC machine model, which could eventually break due to household chores. The improvement of the design solution using the SPIKE™ Prime set was realized according to the differentiated success criteria, on the basis of which the programming of the reconstructed model of the SPIKE™ Prime CNC machine followed, as well as the evaluation of work performance.

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