Mihajlo Pupin in the eyes of third graders

While researching about one of the leading Serbian scientists, Mihajlo Pupin, third graders embarked on an adventure and brought his inventions to life through a series of activities.
In order to discover whom they will expand their knowledge about, the students first had the task of putting together a puzzle in the Jigsawplanet digital tool in order to get one of Pupin’s inventions, as well as a picture of the scientist. Following further clues, the students discovered that he was mesmerized by sound, and they also discovered the way sound travels, as well as the visibility of sound movement, through an experiment. Our classroom then became a big stage and the students indulged in all the charms of music. They played the beats of learned compositions on selected instruments. In regular classes, they solved word problems by scanning QR codes, the correct solutions of which led them to Idvor, as the place of Pupin’s birth, which we visited virtually. In Serbian language class, they extracted parts of speech from the text about Pupin and wrote them down in the appropriate table, while the consolidation of the concepts taught was done through a knowledge quiz in the digital tool Word wall.

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