International School Crnjanski offers its students the opportunity not only to attend a top educational program, but also a series of activities that accompany a child’s life, and are implemented for the purpose of education, the acquisition of general knowledge and familiarization with different aspects of culture.

            At the International School Crnjanski, the academic year is utilsed to the maximum in a way that is both entertaining and educational in nature, so that the students want to spend their summer vacation in the organization of the school. For all students of the International School Crnjanski, as well as for interested students from other schools, a summer camp in London – Royal Holloway 2023 was organised this year!

This Year in July, students had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the English language in one of the most prestigious student camps, where they socialised and learned with over a thousand children from various parts of the world. The concept of holding classes at the campus was such that the students had a series of activities and projects with students from all over the world. The entire campus had 1100 students.

During their stay in Great Britain, the students took part in organized visits, and the evenings were spent in London, on a boat on the Thames during sunset, where the students had the opportunity to create unforgettable memories. The British Museum and Covent Garden were also visited. For our students, we tried to organize additional educational and interesting excursions, in order to fill their free time in England with quality. We managed to make additional trips to: London Eye, Windsor, Portsmouth and Thorpe Park. During their stay, the students had a full-day stay in Oxford, where they visited Christ Church College and had a walking tour of this university city. The children also visited The Natural History Museum, Oxford Street and had the wonderful experience of riding the London Eye, where they had the opportunity to see the panorama of London from the air.

We completed this summer adventure with a visit to the Great Fosters residence, which dates back to the 16th century and is located next to the University of Egham. Since ancient times, this park and gardens have served the queen for hunting trips and walks in the beautiful nature that surrounds this building. The children played sports, including running, throwing frisbees and walking.

With a trip to Runnymede Meadows Pleasure Grounds, where the Magna Carta memorial is, we added to the knowledge that students acquire during regular classes throughout the year.

             This year’s summer camp was one of the unforgettable experiences for the students of the International School Crnjanski, where the students had the opportunity to have a great time, acquire new knowledge and instil a desire for some future trips and challenges.

Below are the photos.