Student achievement


Student achievement

  1. At the municipal level of the competition in the project I read, so what in the organization of the Library of the City of Belgrade were placed:
    • Ivana Vukosavljević, 3rd grade;
    • Aleksej Radovanović, III grade and
    • Aleksa Markovic, 4th grade
  2. The following were placed in the municipal reciter competition:
    • Mihaela Maljković, 1st grade;
    • Adam Radovanović, II grade and
    • Marija Vujović, III grade
  3. Mathematical competition organized by the Association of Mathematicians of Serbia:
    At the municipal competition, our students won:
    • Marko Petrović, III grade - 1st place;
    • Aleksej Radovanović, III grade - certificate of appreciation;
    • Rastko Stanimirović, 5th grade - 2nd place;
    • Marko Stanojević, 5th grade - 3rd place;
    The following people qualified for the district competition:
    • Marko Stanojević, 5th grade and
    • Rastko Stanimirović, 5th grade.
  4. At the National Mathematical Competition Misliša 2021, the following were awarded:
    • Marko Petrović, III grade - 1st prize
    • Adam Radovanović, II grade - 2nd prize
    • Rastko Stanimirović, 5th grade - 3rd prize
    • Aleksej Radovanović, III grade - 3rd prize
    • Marko Stanojević, 5th grade - praise
  5. At the art competition "Homeland is defended with beauty and knowledge" organized by the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade Aleksa Markovic, 4th grade won praise.
  6. At the art competition "Railway through the eyes of children" organized by the Serbian Railways, the work of Teodor Milićević, III grade, was selected for the exhibition as one of the most successful works;
  7. At the art competition "Let's recycle and preserve nature" organized by the Children's Association of the city of Vranje, our students won:
    • Adam Radovanović, II grade - 1st place in the category of students from I to IV grade;
    • Aleksa Grujić, IV grade - praise for creative work;
  8. At the art competition "Saint Sava through painting and verse" organized by the Art Space "Alternative" and the Center for Affirmation of Creativity - Poeticum Lena Magdić, II grade and Luna Marković, III grade won praise.
  9. At the art-literary competition "In the world of fairy tales" organized by the National Library "Raka Drainac" from Blace on the occasion of the International Children's Book Day Adam Radovanović, II grade won 1st place in the category of art works of students from 1st to 4th grade;
  10. At the art-literary competition "The most beautiful mother in the world - my mother" organized by the Children's Association of the city of Vranje, our students in the category of students from I to IV grade won:
    • Andrej Tasić, III grade - 1st place for literary work;
    • Aleksej Radovanović, III grade - 3rd place for literary work and
    • Luna Markovic - III grade - 2nd place for art work.
  11. At the literary competition for primary and secondary school students organized by the drama workshop for children "Cvrčak" from Temerin, the works of the following students were selected for publication in the collection "Cvrčak and friends":
    1. Lena Magdic, II grade;
    2. Ivana Vukosavljević, 3rd grade;
    3. Aleksa Grujić, IV grade and
    4. Aleksa Markovic, IV grade.

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