World Robot Olympiad Denmark 2023

International school Crnjanski started the list of this year’s school successes with a challenging tournament in the field of Lego robotics, which took place in Denmark, in the city of Odense, from 21st to 24th of September. A total of 218 teams from 41 countries around the world participated in this international friendly tournament, World Robot Olympiad (WRO Friendship Invitational).

Serbia came with 53 members to represent the country in 5 categories:

• ROBOMISSION – Elementary

In the Robomission – Starter category, KockaLand team from Serbia won a high 2nd place.

In the Future Innovators – Elementary category, Mr. Robot team from International School Crnjanski in Jagodina-Serbia won the prestigious 4th place, with 6 points behind.

Since 2019, WRO Serbia has been an active participant and organiser of the WRO tournament, and so far, according to the overall result, this year has had the most successful placement, having won second and fourth place.

During their stay, and right before the competition, the students of International School Crnjanski had the opportunity to visit Hans Christian Andersen’s House Museum in the centre of Odense. This museum is a set of buildings dedicated to the famous author, some of which, in various historical periods, served as the main museum in Odense.

The new museum encompasses exhibits and collections of Andersen’s life and work. The visit to the house of Hans Christian Andersen is a surprising and fascinating journey into the author’s creative universe and his world-famous fairy tales.

During the second day of competition, WRO organisation also organised a visit to the famous Lego House in Billund, the city in the western part of Denmark. Lego House is a building of 12000 m2, filled with 25 million Lego bricks, located near Legoland and the headquarters of The Lego Group. It is also known as Home of the Brick, where Lego originates. The visitors can experience various activities, including physical and digital structure of Lego bricks, programming robots and animated models. The experience of visitors includes four experience zones, two exhibitions and the Lego museum, which showcases the history of the Lego brand and company.

In this competition, the students of International School Crnjanski expanded their knowledge in the area of Lego robotics and spent quality time, coming back from the tournament filled with new experience and, most importantly, formed new friendships with team members from Romania, South Korea and Malaysia, with whom they exchanged knowledge and spent memorable moments.

We hope that the students of International School Crnjanski will continue achieving success, both in this, as well as in other fields, and be even better and more successful in the upcoming competitions.

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