International School “Crnjanski” provides a complete system of education for primary school students. Educational work in the school includes the Cambridge program that is applied in schools around the world and the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

At the same time, attending Cambridge and the National Program provides students with bilingual education and is an excellent basis for the possibility of multiple choice of further education.

By introducing programs from the Cambridge curriculum such as ICT, Global Perspectives, Reading, Science, Maths, Geography, students from an early age are directed to a wide range of interests, determine their English language skills and expand their vocabulary.

Individual approach to students with the use of interactive teaching aids provides students with modern education and develops responsibility, encourages curiosity and the desire to acquire new knowledge.

Our team provides students with daily upgrading of knowledge with a modern model of work, the concept of interactive teaching and learning through practice, experiments and experiments with teaching materials tailored to the individual potential of students.

Learning in nature, realization of excursions in order to apply the learned material in practice, directing students towards technological innovations, are some of the everyday activities that the International School “Crnjanski” conducts.

Guided by the idea of ​​the importance of maintaining health at an early age, we also nurture a love of sports. We offer students the opportunity to attend the section of swimming, karate, the implementation of physical education classes in open fields. In addition to the daily development of coordination of movements, encouraging proper physical development, students develop primarily as individuals.