Rock Tumbler

Today as part of our Science class the students learned about the physical properties of rocks and the process of rock polishing, which happens naturally over very long periods of time as rocks are rolled by the waves and rubbed against sand and each other. But thanks to the Rock Tumbler we have used for our experiment we are able to speed up the process to just about 4 weeks during which the students will record their observations.

At the beginning of the class the students took part in the scavenger hunt where they were supposed to find all the rocks hidden around the classroom. After they collected them, the students carefully observed their physical properties, compared and recorded them on the poster they made together.

Last but not least, they set the fist stage of rock tumbling in motion by placing the rocks in the tumbling barrel, adding water and grit. After they secured the tumbler they activated it, and now we are all waiting eagerly to check the progress it will make after one week has passed!

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