As tradition dictates, the culmination of the year just before the winter break witnessed the collaborative efforts of Year 6 and Year 7 students, accompanied by their Cambridge teachers, in orchestrating a thought-provoking debate. The chosen themes for this year’s debate revolved around the topics ‘School should have a school bell’ and ‘School should be attended four days a week’. The participants were divided into teams, each advocating either ‘for’ or ‘against’ the proposed notions, with two students serving as chairpersons. In this eloquent exchange of ideas, meticulously crafted arguments in English took center stage. The students demonstrated an impressive level of preparation, presenting their viewpoints with articulate and compelling reasoning. Engaging the audience through persuasive rhetoric, the participants showcased not only their linguistic proficiency but also their ability to express complex ideas within the assigned topics. The success of the debate was not only measured in the effectiveness of arguments but also in the students’ adeptness in spoken English. Their articulate presentations not only reflected linguistic mastery but also underscored their capacity to articulate and justify opinions cogently.

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