In teacher’s shoes

In an effort to promote collaboration, teamwork, and the spirit of friendship, an interactive lesson was organized where Year 7 students took the role of teachers to impart knowledge about non-fiction features to their Year 4 peers. The aim was not only to enhance understanding of non-fiction text, but also to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and mentorship among the students. What made this lesson particularly special was that the older students prepared it on their own – using their knowledge on the topic, they designed engaging activities, and organised the materials needed for the lesson. This not only demonstrated their academic competence, but also their leadership skills and willingness to support their younger peers. Year 7 students engaged the younger ones in a series of activities which were carefully structured to be both educational and entertaining, incorporating elements of teamwork and collaboration. Students of both groups left the classroom with positive impressions, expressing their eagerness to participate in similar collaborative activities in the future.

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