Multimedia world of Shakespeare

Following contemporary trends in education, and for the purpose of enabling students to gain knowledge while enjoying the learning process, in the past two weeks, Year 6 Cambridge group explored the variety of media through which a literature work can be introduced. For that matter, we decided to research the world of Shakespeare’s plays through multimedia platforms, where the students have been provided with the abundance of materials and learning tools that can facilitate understanding and enable the value of this all-time writer be recognised with students. The study of Shakespeare’s work led the students through the plethora of activities both in paper and online, and along the way, they learned that reading Shakespeare does not have to be challenging but fun. Today’s class has been a final stage of this study project, where the students had the opportunity to revise all that has been done so far, through interactive smart board activities, worksheets, printed editions of books, e-books, graphic-novel forms of plays, and most importantly, they were able to use their personal school tablets, as a working tool in the research process of independently reading and studying the plays “Twelfth Night”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Traditionally marking the worldwide celebrated Shakespeare’s Week, digital structure of the classes and the idea that learning can be fun helped us in this process, by allowing students to enjoy the literature works through the variety of (digital) resources, while further developing their language skills.

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