WORLD WATER DAY was celebrated in our school this year as well. A series of activities was organized in order to raise awareness about the importance of water and its conservation.

The Kahoot quiz was an interactive and educational experience, where the students tested their knowledge about water, its cycle, pollution and sustainable use. Fifth and sixth grade students answered biology and geography questions. After the quiz, the students were divided into two teams to compete in pairs and score points for their team.

The classroom buzzed with excitement and enthusiasm as the teams competed fervently for success. Apart from the competitive spirit, it is also important to highlight the educational value of the event, where the students had the opportunity to learn more about the preservation of water resources and the role of each of us.

At the end of the competition, both teams heartily congratulated each other for their effort and commitment. This activity was not only fun, but also contributed to the strengthening of awareness about the importance of water and the need for its conservation.

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