Caravan for Climate

As part of the international Eco-School program, students had the opportunity to view the interactive exhibition ‘Caravan for Climate’ on the premises of our school. This exhibition travels through eco-schools in Serbia with the aim of highlighting the importance of water for humans and the living world, climate change, and its impact on our daily lives. The ‘Caravan for Climate’ exhibition has been organized in Serbia for the past five years by the French Institute in Serbia under the patronage of the French Embassy in Serbia, UNDP, and the company ‘CMA-CGM’, and was prepared by the Center for the Promotion of Science. The presenters of the program during the exhibition were senior students who, through oral presentations, accompanying video simulations, and experiments, introduced the concept of the water cycle in nature, the importance of irrigation systems, and natural disasters such as floods and droughts to younger students. The second part of the workshop was reserved for artistic expression using natural colors derived from drying certain plant species. Additionally, students artificially dried plants using dehydrators and studied how the lack of water affects the plant world. This activity enabled them to understand the consequences of water scarcity on biodiversity and the importance of preserving water resources.

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