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After regular classes are over (3:20 p.m.), parents are offered the opportunity to select some of the offered programmes for their children to spend extra time in a quality way taking part in sports and other engaging activities.

Immediately after the end of the classes, qualified instructors and trainers become in charge of students and help them actively rest from the cognitive effort through games, sports and the engagement of all available resources for this purpose.

The estimated time is from 3:20 p.m. and lasts for the approximate duration of TWO school classes. The programme ends at 5:00 p.m., when it is time for the parents to pick up the participants. The pick-up point is still the yard in front of the School.

Afternoon programme A, B, C,… is optional, to delay going home and is negotiated separately. The price is 1,000 RSD per day and is agreed on a weekly basis. The programme can be changed from week to week, interrupted and continued according to the free will and the availability of the programmes offered.


A) Programme option:

gymnastics, exercises for strength and healthy body posture, athletic training, yoga

B) Programme option:

swimming, styles, strength, skill, water safety

C) Programme option:

art, craftsmanship, robotics, combinatorics, fundamentals of mechanical engineering

Note: This Programme is designed primarily for students of the International School Crnjanski and follows the School’s schedule and dynamic. The programme is also open to those interested who do not enrol in Crnjanski Primary School but attend one of the primary schools in the territory of Jagodina and Pomoravlje. The instructors, trainers, and demonstrators are professionally engaged and motivated. Space, materials, props and equipment are provided by the Programme for all participants to ensure quality training in maximum conditions.

* International School Crnjanski reserves the right to rearrange, change or cancel any of the offered programs in case of insufficient response for maintenance in any week. The parents will be consulted in a timely manner and with the consent of the parents and the participants themselves, appropriate adaptation and adaptation to the current conditions for the execution of the Program will be carried out.

Frequently asked questions

After-school programmes that offer extracurricular activities are defined as safe, structured activities held regularly to help students learn new skills and develop into responsible adults. Activities can cover topics such as technology, sports, reading, maths, science and art. Programmes offer new experiences through which children improve their social skills, learn how to be part of a group and encourage good behaviour in the classroom. It is important to note that the after-school programme is not a mandatory programme and can be attended by choice.

After-school programmes offer children opportunities to learn new skills such as conflict resolution, prepare them for successful careers, improve grades, and develop relationships. These skills are important in helping children to develop in a positive way and to avoid behavioural problems and conflicts.

The programme of extracurricular activities offers numerous benefits to students who need additional educational assistance, students with working parents, as well as all students who express a desire to improve in other areas of interest such as sports, science, technology, arts and crafts.

A good extracurricular programme can turn aimless hours after school into productive study time. This can be very beneficial for children who learn and think unconventionally. Implementing extracurricular activities can create a sense of belonging, improve social skills, provide academic support, make learning more fun, provide safety and supervision, help build confidence, and expose children to new interests.

Extracurricular activities, which develop children’s body and mind, start at 3:15 p.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. During that period, children have the opportunity to choose different types of programmes in which they will participate. It is important to point out that every week the child can change the type of programme in which he/she wants to participate.

We are located in Jagodina at Čočetova Street 3M. You can contact our staff at the International School Crnjanski on 035/241 260, email:, from Sunday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our mission is to promote the overall health and well-being of children through the extracurricular programme and improve the development of proper posture, create a competitive spirit, increase strength, improve and create a positive attitude towards life and obligations. This will be achieved by daily provision of quality content, top-quality props, the best trainers and instructors who, with their creativity, play, effort and constant engagement, will establish a refined and outstanding programme concept so that children are happy, safe, interested and above all, well-educated.


Address: Čočetova 3M

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