International School Crnjanski

Cambridge plan and program

Cambridge Programme at International School Crnjanski Serbia is focused on creating a positive environment that will encourage children’s perception of the world, asking questions and seeking answers, and primarily on developing need for lifelong learning. The programme is divided into two learning stages:

  • Cambridge Primary, from Year 1 to Year 6, and
  • Cambridge Lower Secondary, from Year 7 to Year 9.

Through the current subjects of English, Maths, Science, and Global Perspectives, our goal is to:

  • develop  students’ motivation and a positive attitude towards learning, as well as realizing that it is a lifelong process;
  • enable students to acquire basic knowledge, virtues and skills as a solid foundation for their further education and professional development;
  • reflect real life and prepare students for it through a fundamental approach in all school subjects, especially through interdisciplinary activities;
  • use all teaching methods, always tailored to the child’s level of understanding and psychophysical state, particularly those in which a student actively participates;
  • encourage individual as well as team work both inside and outside the classroom;
  • develop idea of world unity and local and global cohesion.

In accordance with the development of modern society and educational requirements in the nearest future, Cambridge Programme at International School Crnjanski Serbia is oriented towards:

  • Keeping pace with the latest achievements in the field of education as well as following world trends related to child and adolescent upbringing and education;
  • Investing in teachers’ professional development through workshops and/or sharing experience with colleagues from the same country as well as from different countries in the world, and
  • Investing in projects, innovations, teaching methods and materials, additional programmes and activities.

Modern concept of the school’s programme dictates the selection of teaching staff, so apart from the required academic degree, the selected teachers possess highly professional attitude and show enthusiasm and passion for working with children, they are curious, ready to learn and prone to implementing modern teaching methods and techniques. Our teachers possess adequate licence for conducting Cambridge International Programme, which enables them to apply the objectives and principles of this programme professionally and responsibly.